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Sharp Printed EZ-Bags

Sharp EZ-Bags
  High quality bags provides you with the consistency needed for less time Available pre-opened on rolls (10", 12" or 14") or fan folded in a box Preprinted bags up to 6 colors on 2 side Use on automatic bagging equipment Other features available: hang holes, vent holes, headers, horizontal & vertical perforations Types of E-Z Bags bags available for any application you may need: compartment or dual load bags, retail display bags, reclosable bags, side or horizontal loaded bags, stretch sleeves.  


Sharp Stock EZ-Bags

Sharp Stock EZ-Bags
  Produced from Sharps Versatile Extreme Film Excellent clarity and strength. The right film, gauge and features, guarantees top packaging performance. Sharp extrudes all our own films using the highest grade resins available. Using high grade resin provides construction consistency and high quality bags, from order to order. Special features available include hang holes for retail display, vent holes or skip seals for air evacuation, and vertical or horizontal perforations for easy opening.  







MDA Integrity Leasing ProgramIf your budget doesn't allow you to purchase new equipment, financing your new shrink wrapper or stretch wrapper is a quick and sure way to increase your cash flow.
Sharp SX Table Top Bagging System
Eliminate the expensive costs of labels and labor in bagging the traditional way! Sharp's Revolutionary SX bagging system is incredibly portable
Sharp Max Bagging System
The Sharp MAX is designed with built in versatility and ease of operation to meet your bagging needs.
  Sharp Max Plus Bagging System  
The MAX Plus exhibits Sharp's innovative designs offering Speed, Versatility and Simplicity & Ease of Use Patented "First Bag Out" On board integreated PC MAX Plus™ cycles over 100 bags per minute!