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Phoenix Stretch Wrappers


Phoenix has designed a durable dependable line of Automatic and Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper products that will, day in and day out, tackle all your tough applications, while providing the maximum flexibility in case your requirements change. Features, Durability, and Flexibility is maximized to ensure that your Stretch Packaging Equipment is ready for any requirement your Marketing or customers throw at you.

Nelson Manual Wrappers


The Nelson Wrap Dispenser is new to the market and brings with it much improved ergonomics over the traditional hand held wrap dispensers. The linear construction combined with self oiling materials and consistent action allow for a load to be quickly and easily double-wrapped. An operator adjusted tension control, paired with a hand brake assure you the tightest wrap needed for the application.
Automatic Stretch Wrappers
Semi Automatic Stretch Wrappers
Stretch Wrap Film
Stretch Wrap Film

MDA Integrity Leasing ProgramIf your budget doesn't allow you to purchase new equipment, financing your new shrink wrapper or stretch wrapper is a quick and sure way to increase your cash flow.
PRRA Rotary Ring
Because of its ability to start and stop the cycle anywhere on the load. The Phoenix PRRA rotary ring pallet wrapper reduces stretch film cost drastically when compared to conventional rotary arm and turntable style wrappers.
PLP-2150 Semi Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper
Entry level powered Prestretch Wrapping System. Excellent for typical warehouse environments. Provides consistent, repeatable stretch wrapping performance.
Stretch Wrap Film
This film offers high elongation, exceptional puncture and tear resistance, along with excellent load-holding force.